Susan on Phil

Exactly what were you longing for?

A beneficial particular date with beautiful food and interesting talk.

Initial impressions?

Effortless regarding eye and using a nicely ironed top.

Just what did you talk about?

Basketball period passes, the extra weight of their boy’s hair dryer and an unfortunate event together with his ex-girlfriend’s pet.

Any shameful minutes?

When we realised my pal is actually their boss’s boss.

Good table ways?

He granted (and I also approved) a spoonful of their tiramisu.

Best thing about Phil?

He is open and simple to speak with.

Are you willing to introduce him to friends and family?

Manchester is such a tiny place. The guy probably currently understands half of all of them.

Describe him in three terms

A great guy.

What do you think the guy manufactured from you?

Old. And obsessed with the truth that we ought to write complimentary things about each other.

Did you carry on someplace?

Yes. It absolutely was Saturday-night, therefore we went for a beer.

And… did you kiss?

a courteous, embarrassing kiss about cheek.

Should you could alter a factor about the night, what might it is?

It cann’t have been a Saturday. I’d to make down a ticket to a Morrissey gig.

Marks out of 10?


Can you fulfill once more?

We failed to trade numbers.

Phil on Susan

Exactly what happened to be you dreaming about?

A fantastic evening in great organization.

1st impressions?

I’m sure we are going to access it.

Exactly what do you speak about?

Football, politics (the referendum) and animals.

Any embarrassing moments?

Two minutes in, whenever she announced she was actually friends with an associate of my own.

Great table ways?


Most sensible thing about Susan?

She employs the woman dreams.

Is it possible you introduce the woman to friends?


Describe this lady in three terms

Smiley, fascinating, arty.

What do you might think she made from you?

Ideally an OK man.

Did you go on someplace?

To a bar – she detoured to check that a pet she was looking after had been alive.

And… did you kiss?

A peck about cheek.

Any time you could change a very important factor towards evening, just what would it be?

I would have asked for ice-cream aided by the tiramisu.

Marks away from 10?


Could you fulfill once more?

Indeed, as friends.

Susan and Phil consumed at
in Manchester.

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